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Located in the Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia, the Republic of the Philippines is comprised of thousands of islands. The islands are segmented into three major groupings – LuzonMindanao and Visayas. The country’s coastline is expansive, stretching over 36,000 kilometers. The country’s population is around 100 million, ranking it 12th in the world based on 2010 census data.

The three largest cities in the Philippines include Quezon 중국배대지 City, Manila and Caloocan. While there are many small and medium sized shipping ports in the Philippines, the Port of Manila is the country’s largest shipping port. Filipino and English are listed as the country’s official languages, yet there are dozens of regional languages spoken throughout the nation.

If you are moving to the Philippines for the first time or returning after having been away for a while, you may need cargo shipping services to transport your household goods and other personal items. It is helpful to note that here is some important paperwork you should plan to get in order before cargo shipping to the Philippines. These documents include:

Passport with last departure and arrival date

Residence Visa

Residence Permit

Work Permit

Inventory – If items are used, please clearly specify “used”

Depending on your immigration status, there may be other documents required. Your cargo shipment should not arrive in the Philippines before your visa is approved. In addition, you should plan to be present at the time of customs clearance. All cargo shipping to the Philippines is subject to complete inspection by customs officials upon arrival.

If you are going to bring more than one of a particular type of appliance (for example, two refrigerators), please note that duplicate appliances are taxable.

Your cargo shipment must arrive in the Philippines within 60 days before or after your own arrival in the country.

If you are cargo shipping household goods and other personal items duty free to the Philippines, it is important to note that these personal effects should be in your possession for at least six months prior to cargo shipping to Philippines