The Versatility of Waterhog Mats

Using Ultimate Mats Waterhog mats at the entrance of your building is a practical and effective way to keep dirt and mud from entering your home or business.

These floor mats are an excellent choice for commercial and residential use and come in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit your needs. They can also be customized with logos and designs.


Ultimate Mat Waterhog mats are durable and effective at keeping floors clean and dry. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any space. They are also an excellent option for businesses looking to create a distinctive look in their entranceway.

The Waterhog Classic mats feature a crush-proof bi-level design that keeps dirt and moisture from tracking into your business. This is achieved through a molded dam around the edges of the mat and a raised rubber edge that works as a “water dam.”

These features make it easier to keep your floors clean and dry. These mats have a durable and long-lasting construction that will withstand heavy traffic and keep your customers happy.

In addition to their ability to prevent damage, Waterhog mats are resistant to stains. They can be easily cleaned with a vacuum or hose to remove dirt and grime. They are also made from a high-quality polypropylene fiber that will not fade or rot.

Another great feature of Waterhog mats is their ability to hold 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. This means they can keep up with the constant rain, sleet, and snow without leaking or damaging the flooring beneath them.

This feature is especially beneficial to commercial spaces that get a lot of foot traffic. It helps keep your floor surfaces dry and safe, so patrons and employees can avoid injury and property damage.

These Ultimate Mats can also be customized with your company logo to help promote your brand and communicate a professional image. They can be digitally printed with your logo to help you create a unique and eye-catching piece that will enhance the appearance of your entrance.

The best part about these mats is that they’re designed to be reusable, so you can save money by purchasing them in bulk and reusing them repeatedly! They’re also easy to clean, so you can keep your entryway looking its best.

You’ll also find that these mats are available in various colors and designs to fit any space or personal style. You can even find mats made with recycled materials, making them a green choice for any business.


When it comes to keeping your floors clean, you want a durable, reliable product that is easy to maintain. Waterhog mats are an excellent option for this. They can withstand heavy traffic and resist moisture, mildew, and stains. They also come in various styles and colors to suit any decor.

They are instrumental in entranceways and lobbies where dirt and moisture accumulate, helping protect your floors and reduce maintenance costs. They are also slip-resistant, reducing your business liability risks and promoting a safer work environment for employees and customers.

Their bi-level design traps dirt and moisture, keeping your floors safe and dry. They are easy to keep clean, requiring little more than regular vacuuming or sweeping and a light wash with a hose and pressure washer.

The classic Waterhog mat is still one of the most popular entrance mats on the market. It can be found in various locations, including commercial office buildings, retail stores, apartment/condominium buildings, hotels, and restaurants. They are available in various styles and can be customized to include your company’s logo and colors.

These Waterhog floor mats are made from tough polypropylene fiber that is more stain- and mildew-resistant than traditional nylon carpeting, so you will not have to replace them as frequently. They are also crush-resistant, preventing cracking and tearing, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

They are also environmentally friendly, as they are made from recycled materials. This is a great way to help conserve natural resources and save money in the long run.

Their unique pattern of raised “nubs” scrape and remove dirt from shoes, while channels between the nubs trap moisture, preventing it from spreading onto your floors. This helps to keep your floors clean and dry, protecting your investment.

Another benefit of Waterhog entry mats is that they are easy to clean. They can be shaken with a vacuum cleaner to remove light debris or sprayed with a hose and hung to dry.

Easy to Clean

The ease of cleaning Waterhog Mats is a significant reason that they are so popular and preferred by businesses. These heavy-duty floor mats are easy to vacuum, hose off, and steam clean. They also resist fading and rotting and will last many years of heavy use.

Aside from removing dirt and grime, these mats protect floors from water damage and are crush-proof. This makes them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as lobby floors.

Waterhog mats are made with a thick textured surface that can aggressively scrape away debris from people’s shoes and keep your floors cleaner and safer. This textured surface is also incredibly crush-resistant, thanks to its polypropylene construction, superior to other mats made of carpet material.

Because of their thick textured surface, these mats can also remove dirt and moisture from various surfaces. This means that they can be used on hardwood, tiled, marble, and linoleum floors without worrying about losing effectiveness or damaging the flooring.

These mats are especially suited for areas where much moisture or mud is tracked, like in an office building, gym, or classroom. They are also suitable for protecting your floor from ice, snow, and salts during winter.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty entrance door mat that is easy to clean, consider a Waterhog Classic Entry Mat. These mats feature a “waffle” or raised square pattern that effectively scrapes shoes clean of dirt, debris, and water as people enter your facility.

They’re also easy to clean, as they can be vacuumed or hosed off and hung to dry. Shampoo or steam extraction methods are also recommended for deeper cleaning if available.

When choosing the best Waterhog Mat for your environment, it’s essential to consider the level of foot traffic in your space and any specific features you may require. These mats come in different types, including a classic, eco-friendly option and a fashion mat available in various colors.


Waterhog mats are an excellent option for a variety of commercial spaces. These mats are durable and easy to clean, so that they can withstand heavy traffic for years.

They are also environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals that can damage your floors. Plus, they are available in various colors and designs to complement your interior decor.

There are many ways to save on Waterhog mats, including purchasing them in bulk and using coupon codes for discounts. They are also available in different sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your space.

These mats are made of a durable polypropylene material that will last for years. They are also easy to clean and can be hosed down or vacuumed. You can also steam or shampoo extract them for an extra deep clean.

While most boot trays collect and puddle up water, this Waterhog mat absorbs it! It’s a great alternative to traditional boot trays that are difficult to clean and not aesthetically pleasing.

This doormat is perfect for any front porch or mudroom, and it features a simple, textured design that scrapes dirt from shoes and reduces the amount of dirt that makes its way into your home. It’s quick-drying, mildew-resistant, and American-made, so you can rest assured that it will look good for a long time.

It’s also easy to install and has a rubber backing, so it’s slip-resistant. The raised border helps contain puddles, holding up to 1 1/2 gallons of water per square yard.

Waterhog mats are a great addition to any entryway and are affordable! They are available in a wide range of colors and can be customized with your business’s logo. This can make them a great way to promote your business and attract more customers.